About me

As an economist, I worked in foreign trade for 10 years, running a renowned art gallery for 3 years. I have more than 10 years of in-house mediation experience in training and coaching both in multinational and SME sectors. I am familiar with the operation, challenges, vertical and horizontal organizational connections of companies in both multinational and SME environments not only as an external consultant, but also as an internal employee. I consider my mission to introduce and disseminate the possibility of mediation conflict management in the world of work, family, school and all such human communities.

I have excellent professional skills and experience in the fields of economic, organizational, divorce, relationship, family and school conflicts.

The main profile of my office is economic, organizational and divorce mediation.


Marianna Kós


Economist, trainer, life and business coach

Founding member of the National Association of Win-Win Divorce and Economic Mediators

License number: T / 001796

Kós Marianna, mediátor, közgazdász, tréner, life és business coach