Divorce mediation

Válási mediáció

Who do we recommend divorce mediation to?

Those who have decided to divorce but want to avoid an uncertain result, expensive and delayed legal procedure.

The court procedure shall be shorter because the agreement – made by the mediator – will cover:

  • parental guidance,
  • alimony,
  • correspondence,
  • matters of division of property

If your divorce guided by a mediator:

  • It saves you costs because mediation costs significantly less than a delayed court procedure
  • It saves you time and energy, cause even a few hours may be enough to reach an agreement
  • Excludes public: mediation is confidential and discreet, the mediator is bound by secrecy and cannot be called as a witness in court proceedings
  • No external pressure or compulsion, because the parties use this option on their own will and a common agreement can be reached
  • Children are harmed as less as possible: the children's mental balance and secured future are in the main focus in matters related to them.
  • In a fair and cultural relationship, you can part ways by maintaining future parent-partner cooperation.

Divorce mediation session with both of the parties

10 000 HUF
15 000 HUF
hour/number of participants

(Duration: max. 3 hours / session, the number of sessions varies from case to case, sometime a single session is sufficient)

Preparation and settlement of an agreement in Hungarian is HUF 45 000, English/Hungarian HUF 65 000 which is not included in the procedural fee.