Economic mediation - organizational, business, work, labor disputes

Gazdasági mediáció – szervezeti, üzleti, munkahelyi, munkaügyi viták

What is economic mediation?

Comprehensively: all discussions – within companies, organizations and between companies – typically focused on financial interests.


  • disputes between business partners, company partners, co-owners
  • workplace conflicts within the organization: between superiors and subordinates, employees, groups, departments, divisions
  • labor law and interest disputes
  • conflicts with other companies e.g. suppliers, subcontractors
  • conflicts with customers, end-users, consumers

Economic mediation is an essential precondition for economic court procedures.

In all cases, the parties must try to reach an agreement first and only then, if this fails, can a lawsuit be brought. This is a statutory requirement.

The agreement reached during economic mediation not only serves the interests of the parties, but also ensures the stability of economic life.

Good relations, trust, accuracy, and reliability are very important among business organizations. No matter how difficult the economic conditions are, a performed service has to be remunerated. It is important when and how the parties' claims are met. It is also essential whether a successful business or partnership relationship is maintained or not.

Unresolved conflicts in the workplace reduce the performance of both superiors and subordinates!

Effects of the presence and operation of organizational mediation:

  • strengthening corporate image, the image of a “caring company”
  • attracting and retaining talents
  • encourages employees to stay with the company
  • reduces the risk of psychological pressure caused and stress-related injuries and illnesses at work  caused by persistent conflicts 
  • develops quality problem solving
  • developing a culture of debate and attitude
  • increase the efficiency and motivation of employees
  • reduces the conflict management burden on managers

During the mediation process, we strive to ensure that agreements and solutions are mutually beneficial and satisfactory to all parties. As a result, the involved parties can think of the decision with a good feeling, and they can also consider the action plan as their own (committed to its implementation and adherence).


Economic mediation

25 000 HUF
50 000 HUF
28 000 HUF
55 000 HUF

depending on the case by individual and ad hoc agreement

businesses mediation framework agreement options tailored to customer needs