Relationship mediation

Párkapcsolati mediáció

If grievances, tensions and unspoken problems are poisoning your relationship with your spouse, partner, it’s best not to wait for the irreversible impossibility of your relationship!

Who do we recommend relationship mediation to?

- On the one hand, for those who are still thinking about saving the relationship and are able and willing to take action and take the fate of their relationship into their own hands.

(The aim of mediation, in this case, is to improve the relationship with the help of an appropriate set of theoretical and practical mediation tools.)

- On the other hand, for those who can't decide what to do with their marriage, their relationship. If they can’t or don’t dare to assess whether they can be saved yet or not, whether their paths should be separated or not.


Relationship mediation session with both of the parties

12 000 HUF
16 000 HUF

(Duration: usually 1-2 hours/occasion)

Experience has shown that 3-6 times are required over a period of 3-4 months.