Relationship training

A small group, thematical, one-day session for couples who are already in a relationship, for a member of a couple who wants to make efforts to the relationship and for singles who are preparing for a relationship.

The aim of the sessions is to prepare couples for real-life situations and changes that put their relationship to the roof and to make couples able to consciously manage their issues and to maintain harmony and love both in their relationship and in the family.

Topics (non-exhaustive list):     

  • Concluding a "psychological contract" for coexistence
  • Management of the "Emotional Bank Account"
  • The arrival of a child
  • Problem-solving and decision management
  • When children fly the nest

The time frame for a training day is 09:30 to 15:00 on the weekends.

Request more information by e-mail, indicating the topic you are interested in.


Relationship training

18 000 HUF
23 000 HUF

Relationship training

12 000 HUF
17 000 HUF
participant/day (in case of individual participation)